English Bluff Elementary School

Welcome to English Bluff Elementary School

Dear English Bluff Families:

As you have likely noticed there is some considerable road work being done in the front of our school. This is due to the city of Delta’s efforts to replace watermains in our area. We have been notified that, as construction has now begun, it is expected to be completed in 9 weeks time. We have been advised that Delta’s watermain, and the municipal service to each property, are being replaced due to age. While we are assured that every effort to minimize the inconvenience to students and families will be made, some inconveniences will be unavoidable and we have been asked for our patience and cooperation during the construction. As well, please be cognizant of reduced speed limits through school and construction zones. As a result, it is recommended that students leave a few minutes earlier than usual to ensure both a safe and timely arrival to school. Should you seek further information, please visit the city’s website at: www.delta.ca or contact Jessica Leung (Project Manager) at (604) 946-3357.

On Wednesday, October 22nd, some of the students from both Mrs. Reifel’s Division 1 class and Mrs. Carleton’s Division 2 class participated in Vancouver’s WE Day celebrations. Organized through Free The Children Foundation, We Day is based on the premise that “by awakening the spirit of activism in young people, anything is possible - injustices can be stopped, our local and global communities can be transformed for the better, and hope for the future can be sustained.” Students, joined by Mrs. Carleton and Mrs. Schulz, were both entertained and inspired by the likes of Silken Laumann, Hedley, Spencer West and Selena Gomez and Macklemore. We are looking forward to the initiatives and endeavors that come from our students in the spirit of WE Day.

Ms. M. Smith