English Bluff Elementary School

Welcome to English Bluff Elementary School

Dear English Bluff Families:

Recently, the English Bluff school community gathered together to take part in a Remembrance Day assembly in the gym. Students presented poetry, songs and reflections of what peace means to them. We were very proud of our students and appreciate that many parents and community members came to the school to take part in our ceremony to honour those who bravely serve in the military and who are agents of peace and justice throughout the world.


Students, staff and visitors alike are welcome to add to our 'Gratitude Stop' located in the lobby.  We are encouraging everyone to take a moment to reflect on things for which you are thankful and to share your gratitude by writing it down.  Please feel free to add to our 'Gratitude Stop' the next time you are at the school.

Ms. M. Smith, Principal