English Bluff Elementary School

Learning Centre

Welcome to the English Bluff Learning Centre

The Role of the Learning Centre Teacher:

Typically, the Learning Centre is a smaller “centres-style” room designed to accommodate small groups of students of different ages; it is stocked with the tools and technology for students to develop and improve very specific (usually literacy) skills.  

Some of the roles of the Learning Centre teacher are:

  • school-based service designed to support teachers and their    students (this can be achieved in a variety of ways)
  • observation and assessment of individual students
  • recommendations and development of adaptations, modifications and learning strategies developed by a Learning (Assistance) Teacher
  • development and implementation of the IEP (individual education plan) as developed in collaboration with parents/guardians, the classroom teachers and other involved parties
  • working with Education Assistants (EA) in the implementation and monitoring of programs

Target Population:

There is no typical student; however, collectively the students demonstrate difficulties with academic achievement in one or more areas.  These learning challenges may be due to a range of difficulties or circumstances.

  • students with diverse difficulties in learning and adjustment

How to Access Service:

Services can range from informal discussions to direct instruction by the Learning Centre teacher.

  • teacher and/or parent requests for initial collaborative /consultative discussions
  • School Based Team (a multi-disciplinary education team)
  • third party recommendations

The Learning Centre offers goal-oriented support to students, teachers and families.